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Secret Garden

 <Secret Garden>  has concealed distorted truth behind beautiful photos. 

At the beginning of this work, I had been allured by beauty of translucent petals on the light box. One day I found lily without stamen tried to keep clean petals and odd-looking artificial colored flowers in the flower market. And then I could remember a dog dyed pink. I thought It is reflection of human insatiable desire for beauty.

In this work, I scissored out painted paper fish and flowers in calendars of paper. Then, I arranged them with real flowers on the light box and set my flower pattern embroidered overcoat as a background. The white paper orchid is more beautiful than real flower. Plastic artificial flowers and Golden withered flowers shine among real flowers. And rainbow paper fish looks like swim in the Secret Garden.

Extravagant, dreamlike <Secret Garden> shows us human craving for beauty ,and confusion about truth and fabrication of photography .

Secret Garden # 1603 <Real flowers & 8 Paper flowers>

Secret  Garden  #1010 <Alluring Bloom>

Secret  Garden  <Alluring Bloom#01>

Secret  Garden # 1307 <Alluring Bloom>

Secret Garden #  < Flower, knight & fork>

Secret Gagden# 1605  <Paper orchid & paper rainbow fish>

Secret Gagden# 1604   <Paper orchid & Paper rainbow fish>

Secret Garden #1504  <Flowers & Cabbages>

Secret <Removed staments of Lilies>

Secret Garden <Alluring Bloom>

Secret Garden #1601 (White paper orchid and Real flowers)

Secret Garden #1602 (White paper orchid and Real flowers)

Secret Garden <Alluring Bloom>

Secret Garden #1611 (Lilies  without staments & odd dyed Lilies)

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