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                                                                        The Visible and the Invisible

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  Hahn Jung  ae  visited  small museums in the area and took panoramic pictures of  the exterior,

The exterior of the museum building looks as flat as veil that completely blocks the interior.

Ironically, It wakens  the cliche of museum collections and refers to the  typicality  of overly unnatural look.

                                                                                                                                                                 Critic by Ahn Soyeon

한정애-박물관 # 01 (여주 폰  박물관) Achival Pigment

#01   Phone Museum

한정애-박물관 #02 (여주 장난감 박물관) Achival Pigment

#02   Toy Museum

한정애-박물관 #05 (여주 한얼테마 박물관) Achival Pgment
한정애 박물관 #06(이천 공룡 박물관) Achival Pdmrnt Pr
한정애-박물관 #03 (이천 돼지 박물관) Achival Pgment P
한정애-박물관 #4 (이천 월전 박물관) Achval Pgment Pri
한정애 -박물관#07(이천 서희 역사관) Achival Pgment Pr
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